Colopl NI was established in April 2015 and entered the VR marketplace with their launch title Cyberpong VR. They currently have more VR games in development and will be releasing these high quality games in the near future. Coming off their successes in the mobile market and now focusing on social VR games, Colopl NI is positioning itself to be a strong force in the new and upcoming market of VR.


April 2015

COLOPL NI opens its doors in the United States


July 2015

COLOPL NI establishes San Mateo, CA office


October 2015

COLOPL NI releases first game for the international market, Colopl Rune Story. The game receives front-page featuring by both Apple and Google.


January 2016

Downtown Showdown, a PVP city building game, launches worldwide.


March 2016

Colopl NI announces development of new VR games.


April 2016

Colopl NI releases Cyberpong VR.